sudoku tidbits

Sudoku or Number Place:

If you love playing Sudoku games, here’s a short history:

Howard Garns of Indianapolis, Indiana created the original math game called ‘Number Place’ and published it in Dell Pencil Puzzles & Word Games (issue #16, p 6) in May, 1979.  That was the very first 3×3 or 9-box square of the now ubiquitous Sudoku games we enjoy.  Unfortunately, Mr. Garns died “in 1989, and never got a chance to see his creation as a worldwide phenomenon. (Shortz,..2005)


Number of Sudoku Puzzles:

The number of fresh Sudoku puzzles for 3×3 blocks are, well, almost “infinite.”  Here’re the number of different possible puzzles for different blocks.

  • 2×2 blocks: 288
  • 2×3 or 3×2 blocks: 28200960
  • 2×4 or 4×2 blocks: 29136487207403520
  • 3×3 blocks: 6670903752021072936960

Taking into account of the number permutation as well as the blocks’ rotational, reflection, and permutational symmetries lowers those numbers further, though the total for the 3×3 blocks still remains sufficiently large to not run out in one’s playing life.  Our intelligent algorithm strives to generate such freshly-crafted puzzles for your endless playing amusement, and Ad-free too.